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Falling In Love

Falling in love. What is it? People often scramble around wondering what it means—what it feels like—to be in love. The reality is humans are really bad at love. Why? Because we are unwilling to fully receive it. Regardless of…

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Cat Sleeping

This is a blog for those of us who lack balance and fill our schedules to the brim. It’s easy to live a hectic lifestyle while we work toward a career (or other life goals). We feel validated through our…

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Lego Storm Trooper

Freewill: A beautiful gift that has the power of destruction. Humans have little power, and yet the freewill we have has the ability to break our world. Sin is highly destructive. The belief that we can do whatever we want…

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American Boy

Everyone can agree that what happened this past week is heart wrenching. White nationalism and acts of hate disgust me. Yet, complacency disappoints me more. Examples of Complacent Mindsets Complacency is pervasive in people who claim to be not-racist, not-homophobic,…

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Love Your Neighboor

Conservatives often believe people should complete hard work to deserve what they receive. Liberals often believe people deserve basic human needs, such as housing, food, and healthcare. Jesus’ love says, it doesn’t matter what a person deserves, love them as…

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Christian Hypocrites Photo

Humans love to pick out the inconsistencies between people’s words and actions. So many of us, inside and outside the church, look at Christians and think, “What a bunch of hypocrites. Where is Jesus’ love?” The sentiment is coming from…

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