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Painting of stars in the night sky

I am a child of Abraham. When God said Abraham’s descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky, He knew I would be one of those stars. This makes my heart leap for joy, because it’s evidence…

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Painting of black man with curly hair

What do people mean when they say white privilege? White privilege can be a polarizing term, because people confuse the term “white privilege” with “immoral”—as if they are interchangeable. That is not true and not the point White privilege is…

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Heart with eyes

Seven paintings. Seven poems. All from the comfort of your quarantined home and straight from my heart. You can watch the Facebook Live event from quarantine here. Matters of the Heart Holy (1/7) Open the eyes  of my heart Lord. From…

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Immeasurable Numbness Art

Purpose of Immeasurable Numbness The purpose of this art project was to create an interactive atmosphere for people to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement. Protests often repel people and I hoped artwork could draw people into the discussion who…

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