Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

Seven paintings. Seven poems. All from the comfort of your quarantined home and straight from my heart. You can watch the Facebook Live event from quarantine here.

Matters of the Heart

Holy (1/7)

Open the eyes 
of my heart Lord.
From a heart of stone 
to a heart of flesh.
Everytime I 
see more of you, 
I come more alive.

Perhaps our hearts 
are like the four 
living creatures 
covered with eyes 
around God’s throne.
The more we see Him, 
the more we cry: 
Holy, Holy, Holy.
Ephesians 1:18
Ezekiel 36:26

Fruitful (2/7)

As I healed, 
I wondered if 
there would always 
be a part of me 
that felt hollow

But somehow, 
God filled it with 
the soil perfect 
For planting 
And watering 
And bearing 
The seeds of a 
beautiful garden.
Isaiah 27:2-4

Pure Pain (3/7)

The suffering of 
this world cuts deep. 
But the roots of 
Satan's lies cut deeper. 

Thank God the fire 
of affliction burned 
the lies away and 
planted roots of 
anchored hope 
in their place.

Now my heart of 
gold leaps for joy 
in the presence of 
my love and King.
1 Peter 1:6-9

Higher Things (4/7)

If I got rid of selfish ambition, 
Would you still admire me?

You see, 
when I found out 
the root of all evil 
was selfish ambition 
and envy, it crushed me.
Like my culture had 
a tight grip on me. 

If I stepped into God’s 
shadow and just sat there, 
Would you still value me?

I guess that’s the struggle.  
Learning to seek the higher 
things like Mary in a world 
that praises the acts of Martha. 

Not that our good works 
aren’t important. But 
I want to know the author.
The one who prepared 
them before me.
To know the rest of his 
glorious light. 
Luke 10:38-42

Nakedness (5/7)

The love in my heart comes 
from the love in your heart. 
From the springs of living 
water inside of me. 

I’ve found joy in 
nakedness before you. 
I want you to have all that I am. 
For you are my beloved 
and I am your bride. 

I am willing to fight for you. 
When my love is lackluster, 
Lord, please fill me again. 

You are the breath in my 
lungs and the life in my veins. 
May thanks and praise come 
from every exhale of my lips.  
Mark 12:28-30

Raised with Christ (6/7)

I asked, 
Papa why do 
I keep sinning? 
Why is it so 
hard to stop the 
cycle of this sin?

He said, 
It’s hard because 
you must die. 

Again I asked, 
Papa why is this 
so uncomfortable?

He said, 
I love you too 
much to let you 
be comfortable 
in your sin. 
In your own self 

help me 
my flesh.
Galatians 5:24

Shield (7/7)

The thorns I created 
to keep destruction 
away are the same 
thorns that pierce me. 

When self protection 
becomes my obsession 
I forget the one who has 
sworn to protect me.

He endured thorns 
to save me.
Psalm 91:4

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