Immeasurable Numbness: An Art Project

Immeasurable Numbness: An Art Project

Purpose of Immeasurable Numbness

The purpose of this art project was to create an interactive atmosphere for people to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement. Protests often repel people and I hoped artwork could draw people into the discussion who normally avoid topics of race, oppression, and privilege.

Immeasurable Numbness explores responses to the Black Lives Matter movement, the existence of other social issues alongside police brutality, and oppressive silencing.

Main Question To Consider

What does it mean to say “all lives matter” when there are so many evil things going on in the world that people don’t care about and sometimes even support? What does it mean to say that all lives matter when we refuse to give people the resources they need for safe water? When we kill people in war? When we refuse to let refugees in our country? When we have hate organizations? When we value economic growth over health and safety? When we let homeless people stay homeless? The list could go on.

If You Would Like To Learn More:

Huge thank you to Craig Hedges for producing this video about my art project. Click to learn more about the process of making my artwork. Read my reflection about the project. Discover the meanings of Immeasurable Numbness.

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